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Looking Ahead: The Exciting Future of Tiny Houses on Farms in 2022

Are you interested in the extra income opportunities provided by having tiny houses on your farmland? This one is for you.

Farmers Love Tiny Houses

We had a fantastic time at the This Is Glamping show in September. Our team barely had time for a cup of tea, but we think this might have a lot to do with our Qube mascot – Buddy.

One thing we noticed was how many inquiries we got from farmers and farm owners asking about using tiny houses as retreats and holiday let investments on their farmland.

The topic was so popular that we have created this summary outlining our forecasts for why the future of tiny houses on farmland in 2022 is set to be so bright

Farms Are The Ideal Place for Tiny Houses

Farmland has the space, the idyllic rural scenery, and the amenities like water and electricity that holidayers say they want for their glamping retreats. This makes farmland a perfect place to invest in a tiny house to generate extra income.

Using top quality tiny houses for a luxury glamping experience makes a lot of sense as an investment and is why so many savvy farmers are keen not to miss out on the opportunity.

The market share for high-end camping and glamping experiences like staying in cabins and tiny houses in the UK is in excess of £2bn. Investing in a tiny house on your farm can give you access to this huge and lucrative market.

The popularity of tiny houses continues to increase and more farm owners are becoming aware of the serious benefits a tiny house investment can bring. This will likely drive an increase in the number of tiny houses on farms in 2022.

Tiny Houses Offer Near Passive Investment

Farmers and farm owners are time poor. The work that needs to be done to keep a farming business running smoothly is endless, and profit margins are being squeezed with every passing year.

Happily, once you have ordered your tiny house and it has been delivered, it is ready to use. You can welcome guests and happy holiday makers immediately, and start earning a return on your investment.

The compact space of the tiny house means cleaning is quick and efficient, which makes running your holiday let business a smooth and hassle free endeavour with almost no set-up required.

For the entrepreneurial farmer, tiny houses offer a plug-and-play solution that can start earning money as soon as it arrives, with minimal oversight from you.

You Can Move Your Investment

Farmland is often being redeveloped; land use changes from one year to the next, an expansion in herd size means new fields for grazing or larger sheds, replacing and upgrading machinery means larger and more robust warehouses are required. The list is long.

With a tiny house on wheels, you are not confined to keep your investment where you first put it. Unlike a traditional foundation based building or outhouse which would tie you down to keeping it in the same place until you demolished it, a tiny house is portable and easily towed by a standard vehicle.

You can test out different areas of the farm to see which get the best feedback from holiday makers. You can decide how your land is used from season to season and simply move your tiny house to the location which is the most convenient for you.

This level of flexibility is extremely important to farmers and offers a huge benefit over traditional building extensions or holiday cottages.

If you are ready to diversify your income streams by taking advantage of the boom in tiny house holidaying, you can decide which model is best for you here.

If you have any questions, you can speak to a member of our team here.