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Tiny House Camping Trips Yield Big Benefits

Tiny House Camping Trips Yield Big Benefits

We all love time spent in the great outdoors. Not only is it good for our bodies but it is good for our minds as well. Camping is a budget friendly way to take time out and recharge, and tiny houses are increasingly being used in campsites around the UK to provide an extra level of comfort and luxury to campers enjoying this Great British pastime.

Over the last five years, the popularity of camping has skyrocketed. 16 million camping trips were taken in the UK in 2015 alone, with a total value to the UK economy of £2.5bn.  Campsites have made the most of our renewed enthusiasm for the staycation by broadening their offering to include bell tents, yurts, and now, tiny houses.

Tiny houses: the ultimate in glamping

Tiny houses are seeing a huge increase in popularity for campsites offering glamping facilities for their high-end customers. Market research shows that travellers will pay for a holidaying experience which keeps their environmental impact low and their connection with nature high.

Business smart campsites with their fingers on the pulse of the modern camper have realised that thousands of people love the camping experience, but don’t love creepy crawlies, sleeping bags on hard floors, or leaky tents! Tiny houses like this one offer a unique synergy of everything the glamper is looking for; a quirky, beautifully designed space which makes for interesting and memorable social media updates, immediate access to the fresh air, and all of the creature comforts that traditional camping cannot offer.

The 2019 Northern American Camping Report found that 45% of campers wanted to experience glamping in the following year, double the amount reported in 2018. Lockdown restrictions mean that this type of holiday is only set to increase in popularity, making luxury camping a key growth area for campsites.

Tiny houses on campsites is a huge growth area

Forward facing camping businesses who do not want to miss out on this emerging segment of the market are looking to industry leaders like Sarah Dusek, who grew her luxury glamping offering to become a multi million dollar business.

Tiny houses provide hassle free solutions for campsites looking to capitalise on this growth area because they offer everything the modern glamper is looking for; electricity, comfortable beds with quality linen, good lighting, thoughtful interior design, and private bathrooms and kitchens.