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What a day it was at Qube HQ as we said goodbye to this fantastic studio apartment which will be sited at a private residence in East Hampshire. Inside this stunning  12x4m modular apartment you’ll find a generous size bedroom and ensuite followed by a bespoke kitchen, dining and living area. 
Congratulations to the teams involved in the process from start to finish to ensure this was delivered on time to its new home! 

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We couldn’t be more proud taking home 2nd place in the medal table. Hobby Horse Show jumping was a huge highlight this year.  100% effort from all involved – who knew Billy could back flip?


We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes, on redesigning our website! As we continue to expand our product and service offering, our new website is a much better indication of how we can help with your construction project.  Whether this be factory, or site-built, The Qube has the answer. 

We’d love to hear your feedback so if there is something you’d like us to know, get in touch with Lauren on

Welcome to #TeamQube👏🏽
We recently welcomed Stephen Wright to the management team. Steve will be looking after the factory contracts as well as assisting the projects team on site with our modular buildings. #


Our latest new-build nursery in Spalding is progressing well. There’s something strangely satisfying about this solar array. 

Our building fabric performs very well from a u-Value perspective and coupled with this solar array, our clients running costs will be significantly reduced when compared to a traditional build.

We asked our partner Architect, Neil Scroxton from Scroxton & Partners, to be this months guest blogger. 

Neil writes ‘It is fair to say that all construction methodologies are making changes to be more sustainable.  Yes, modular is inherently sustainable by controlling waste and ensuring a consistent standard of highly efficient materials, and yes, sustainability is really important to the planet and our pockets.  But the virtues of modular construction extend beyond sustainable credentials, and it would be wrong to think of modular as a one-trick-pony.  The future of modular is without a doubt to help deliver sustainable buildings, however it will do that while helping to promote less obvious sustainable KPI’s such as standards of craftmanship and improved conditions for the construction industry labour force.’

To read the full blog, head over to our website via the link below. 

Childhood Memories of Modular Construction – Neil Scroxton | The Qube