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We welcomed Chris Worth to #TeamQube early this year and he has settled in just like we knew he would. An integral part of the manufacturing team as Chris supports at every stage of the build project. A very experienced skilled multi-Trader, welcome to the team, Chris! 

We moved to our brand new office and manufacturing facility in Teeton in September 2022. Jordan wanted to create a hub for everyone to feel comfortable and enjoyed being at work. With this new addition of our very own gym there is a serious focus on wellbeing and the mental health of all staff!

We handed over this brilliant 6th form block at The Grange School this month. Project Manager Mason said,  This was a really nice project, 9 weeks in total from start to completion, close to the office and slightly different to some of our other projects with the introduction of  3 steel goal posts.

WE HAVE LIFT OFF! We had a very successful lift at our HQ in Teeton, Northamptonshire.
 We were able to lift 2 units out of the factory and within a few hours they were sited at their end destination in the Cotswolds. 

Transporting and siting a studio apartment for a valued client was made easier with our lift solution partners, Radius Group.