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From Enquiry To Placing Your Order – How The Qube Gets Your Project Started

Sometimes, the first step is the hardest. If you’re considering a modular building and you’re unsure where to begin, The Qube is here to help.

The Qube have been in business for many years; we’ve worked with people in a huge range of industries including modular buildings for schools and the leisure industry. We’re often asked how we take our projects from that first call to a fully realised plan. What do you need to make that first call, and start the conversation about a modular building? 

It all starts with a need!

All you need to have ready for your first call with The Qube is a need. Maybe your school has growing student numbers and needs more space, or your sports team needs better changing facilities; if you’ve got a need, we’ll be able to tell you how we can help. 

Get in touch with our team

There are a lot of ways to speak to The Qube’s team. We’ve got a Live Chat, a web form, or you can just call us directly. If you get in touch with us online, we’ll take what you’ve said in your initial contact and arrange a phone call so that we can gain an understanding of your project. 

We’ll arrange a phone call

We’ll have a 10-15 minute call with you to talk about your project and make sure that we understand what you’re looking for. Here is the time to tell us where you are in the process; are you on a fact-finding mission, or do you have a full idea of what you need? From this call, we’ll be looking to get a feel for the problem that needs solving, the budget and time scales you’re on, and what progress has been made with planning permissions. No matter where you are, we can help! We’re able to support with planning permissions as part of our services. Once we’ve heard some details from you, we’ll be able to offer an initial cost range estimate for the project, which will be confirmed or updated after we have finished our site visit. 

We’ll visit your site

If you’re happy with our initial phone call and our suggestions for your project, the next step is a site visit. This is when we come to your location to gain an understanding of the project. We’ll be looking to work out where the existing gas, electricity, sewage and water connections are at your location, what the condition of the ground is, and how we’ll gain access to the site to deliver materials and create a contained site. These are all factors that will go into our plans.

Once we’ve had a look outside, we’ll sit down with you to go through some options for layouts and look. We’ll show you other projects that we’ve completed that we think could work for you, ask a few questions about the space and your requirements for it. We look to leave our site visits with everything we need to give to our design team for a final design. 

Our design team brings it to life

The team member who has completed your site visit will take everything they’ve learned to our designers. They’ll bring everything that’s been discussed to life, creating sketches and a 3D render of how the modular building could look. This usually takes just a few days. This is when we’re able to put together a final cost for the project; we’ll know everything from whether there is planning support needed to how many doors and windows are in the design. 

We’ll call you to talk it all through

The Qube’s team will present the designs to you for your feedback, in a document for you to look through. This will give you everything you need to picture the new modular building in its space, as well as a final cost. This is fixed for 30 days, giving you plenty of time to consider how the design works for you.  

With those six steps, you’ll have gone from a need to a fully realised plan for a modular building with The Qube. After this, we’ll move forward into the building stages, with you on your way to solving your space problem with a modular building. 

If you think a modular building could help you, The Qube’s experienced team can provide advice, answer questions, and give you the information you need to take the next step. Contact us today to get started!