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From Placing Your Order to Arriving On Site – How The Qube Brings Your Project To Life

The process of bringing an order to life takes just a few steps when working with a team of experienced modular building experts, such as The Qube. We’ll be alongside you every step of the way, making sure that the project runs smoothly and results in the perfect modular building solution for you.

Once you have placed your order with us, we’ve already got some of the key information that we need to progress. We’ve completed an initial site visit and have a first draft design based on the needs and budgets of our clients. Our next steps ensure that we get to site with a set of fully completed plans, with the necessary permissions, and are ready to begin our build. Here’s how we’ll get there.

You’ll sign off the plans
At this stage, we have prepared a first draft plan for our clients to review. This is the time to tweak the plans, and ensure that everything is the way you need it. Once you’re happy, we can create the architectural drawings that are needed for planning permissions.

If needed, we’ll support the planning application
Some clients come to us with planning permission already in place, but if you don’t have this, we’re here to help. We’ll create plans and elevations, as well as work with you on the admin side to ensure the application and approval process goes smoothly.

We’ll finalise our designs
Whilst we’re waiting for the planning permissions to come through, we’re able to truly get stuck into the design & development stage. The planning usually takes around 8-10 weeks, in which The Qube’s team are hard at work getting the finer details completed.

We’ll create a full design pack, which becomes the plans that our team will work to onsite. These are building regulation drawings, showing everything from where every window will be to where the power sockets will be. At the same time we’ll complete two surveys that tell us about the topographical and geological makeup of the site. This gives our structural engineers the information they need to begin their calculations, and get the sub and superstructure designs prepared for approval from building control.

This is a big flurry of activity that largely happens in the background for our clients as we all wait for the planning to come through! We’ll make sure you’re informed along the way, but you can trust that The Qube have it all in hand.

We’ll make sure you’re completely happy
Although we’ll have already spoken about your wants and needs for your modular building, this point is the final stage that we’re able to make any changes. We’ll show you the design pack, and make sure that it’s what you need. Feel like a socket needs to be in another location? Now’s the time to tell us!

We’ll send our plans over to the manufacturer
The Qube work with SIPs, which are insulated panels that are manufactured offsite and transported to your location for assembly. This is one of the ways we keep the disruption and time on site to a minimum. As we’ve spent the time awaiting a planning decision on our design and development stages, we’re able to get the plans sent over to our manufacturer as soon as the positive determination comes through.

They’ll get straight to work fabricating the bespoke pieces that we’ll need to bring your Modular Building to life. It will usually take around 6-8 weeks for everything to be completed and delivered directly to your site.

We’ll arrive at your site!
Around 2 weeks before the panels will be delivered, The Qube team arrive at your site to prepare everything. This is when we’ll be finishing the ground works and drainage so that we’re completely ready to erect the modular building when the panels arrive.

From design sign off to arrival on site in just six steps, the design and development process with The Qube takes only a few months. With years of experience, we’re able to streamline the process and have our teams work in tandem to keep the timelines short but the quality exceptional.

If you think a modular building could help you, The Qube’s experienced team can provide advice, answer questions, and give you the information you need to take the next step. Contact us today to get started!