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How modular buildings can enhance your existing leisure space

The leisure industry encompasses a wide range of needs. From hospitality to food service, there is always a need to maximise the space you have, so that you are able to deliver a high level of service. In a competitive industry, the facilities that you have set you apart.

Whether you’re an existing hotel with grounds that could be bringing in more income, a golf course with a plan to improve your offering, or a food retailer looking to revolutionise the way you work, a modular building can help make your needs a reality, without the disruption and limitations of a traditional build.

Modular buildings, like the ones we create here at The Qube, are buildings made from prefabricated panels. They can be multiple floors, and work in a wide variety of spaces. Our design team can incorporate anything you need, which enables leisure businesses to expand.

Spa facilities

For many hotels, the step up into a spa offering can really help take the business to the next level. You no longer need the indoor space that a spa would historically require; with a modular building, it can fit wherever your grounds have space with room for treatment rooms, relaxation areas and more. 

Changing facilities

If you already have tennis courts, or other sport facilities, nearby changing rooms can help your guests feel catered for, without the need to change and then travel to another area of your facility

Boutique hotel pods

From glamping in the peaceful countryside, to external rooms on site, there’s no compromise in luxury with a modular building. With plumbing and electricity, you’re able to offer the same level of design and amenities as your internal rooms.

Hotel Lodges

Need the space for larger suites? Modular buildings can easily provide the extra room space you need to provide living areas, multiple bedrooms and bathroom facilities for a lodge-style experience on site.

Fitness studios

Provide yoga classes, golf simulator experiences, driving range shelters and more with a modular building

Gift shops

Whether you’re hoping to provide your guests with the opportunity to buy key equipment, such as golf supplies, or create an experience with branded items, a dedicated gift shop enables you to match the luxury experience throughout.


For some clients, clubhouses and pavilions can be a long walk from the edges of their grounds and courses. With a modular building, you can provide your guests with refreshments wherever they are on site.

With a modular building, you don’t need to worry about disruption to your business or dangerous worksites. There will be no need to close your business or affect your guests; our build process is fast and safe. We take just a few weeks to assemble our buildings, saving you months of construction time and lost income. 

The beauty of a modular building is that the possibilities are truly endless. No matter what your idea, a team of experienced Modular Building designers and builders such as ours can make it happen. We’re a family business, with years of experience, and can help make your visions a reality. Simply speak to a member of our team, and we’ll be able to tell you how we can help.

If you have a vision, we’re ready to help. Let’s chat – / 01604 785786