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How Modular Buildings Can Help Ease Pressure On Classroom Size

If there’s one issue that affects almost every school across the country, it’s space. In 2020-2021, there were more than 20,000 more pupils in our schools than there were the year before. This number is only expected to increase, and it’s down to schools to make sure that they’re able to accommodate the new students safely, and without compromising the quality of the education that they’re offered.

To address this, as well as to aid schools recover from the impacts of the pandemic, the UK Government has made large funding pledges to public sector buildings. This includes £1bn earmarked for new school build projects that began in 2021.

This funding offers an opportunity for schools to think about the way that they welcome these new students in a more innovative way. There are new factors to consider, and new solutions that can ease the pressure on schools. Modular buildings offer schools a clear solution that tackles the most pressing challenges that increasing class sizes and construction requirements present.

The requirements for increasing student numbers is clear; schools need more classrooms to enable them to keep class sizes reasonable. Nevertheless, construction carries its own concerns to school. With a modular building from The Qube, you’re able to benefit from added space without the long programme time, and disruption of a traditionally constructed school building.

A fully bespoke solution

Every school has different needs, different space options, and different plan for their modular building in the future. That’s why we treat each school as an individual project, with no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. We’ll work with your team to work out what you’ll need the room for, where it’s going to be, and how to maximise the space you have so that your modular building will be a solution that lasts. Any size, any configuration, made to fit perfectly.

A new classroom built in weeks

We understand that schools don’t have time to wait for the amount of time that traditional construction takes. At The Qube, we’ve streamlined the design and build process to a matter of weeks; able to go from initial design to a final product within 12 weeks, depending on planning and surveys. If you want to see a recent project from start to finish, check out our latest time-lapse.

Limit disruption with offsite manufacturing

We have a trusted partner who will fabricate the panels for your new modular classroom at a local manufacturing facility, then take them over to your site upon completion of groundworks. This way, we’re able to build within a contained location working on a just-in-time basis, limiting time on site. This means that we’re able to build at any time of year, including in term time, secured by our stringent health and safety standards that ensure that students safety and safeguarding is the highest priority.

A modular classroom can be the quickest and easiest way to lift the pressure that growing class sizes and increased student numbers put on schools. It can also be incredibly cost effective, leaving more resources available for other school improvements. It’s the perfect solution for any school in need of more space, fast!

If you’re interested in learning more about how The Qube’s modular buildings can help your school, get in touch with a member of the team today. We’ll be able to talk about your needs, and what options we have that can improve your school facilities.