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March Newsletter from #TeamQube

Happy Easter Everyone 🐰

The temporary access road is in at our latest project in the South West.

Due to a constrained site, #TeamQube needed to gain access via a playing field to be able to safely deliver the site works.

Thanks to Elmcroft Construction Ltd for their support, it has been a fantastic collaboration and we look forward to continue to work with them throughout the project.

The process and importance of a strong Construction Management Plan and how we coordinate with clients to ensure the site is set up safely and practically to be able to deliver our schemes safely and efficiently. 

A robust Construction Management Plan (CMP) is pivotal in ensuring the successful execution of our projects. It serves as a roadmap outlining how the project will be managed, executed, and delivered safely and efficiently. Here’s an overview of the process and significance of a strong CMP, as well as how coordination with clients ensures safe and practical site setup:

Initial Planning and Client Consultation: The process typically begins with thorough planning and consultation with the client. This involves understanding the project objectives, budget constraints, timeline, and any specific client requirements. The CMP is tailored to align with these parameters while also addressing legal compliance. At The Qube, pre-construction is crucial to making sure a concept can in fact become a reality. The Qube design team will collaborate closely with architects, structural and civil engineers to create an aesthetically pleasing but feasible project which the clients are happy with…..

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The process and importance of a strong Construction Management Plan with The Qube Site Manager, Jack Spittle. | The Qube

Lauren spent a day at Duston School in Northampton this month to assist with their year 8 careers day which was focused around construction. 

The main objective was to introduce students to the various careers that are available within the Construction industry and to encourage girls to consider construction as a career.

The Qube’s  workshop with the students was to build the strongest bridge using straws, tape and paper only – It’s fair to say that it got incredibly competitive! 

It’s great to be asked by local schools to take part in educating the future generation in what ‘working in construction looks like’