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Qube’s work in the community and sponsorship – Jordan Spittle, Associate Director

When Lauren asked me to write something about The Qube’s work in the community and sponsorship of local teams and schools, it certainly took me on a trip down memory lane!

My first memory of any sponsorship that Mick and The Qube supported was for my boyhood rugby club, the Old Northamptonians (ONs).

I remember Matt Bridge from Colonial Construction, (my old junior rugby coach) was coach at the time and there was a big yellow ‘Loft-Style’ tick on the 1st XV shirt! This was before ‘The Qube was even born’ so, I would say, circa 2005!

Since then, Qube has continued to sponsor all sports across the ONs, including rugby, football and cricket. Today, we are proud to be Headline sponsor of the ladies 1st XV and Academy rugby teams, and it is absolutely fantastic to have seen, and now directly support, the growth of ladies rugby in Northampton and at the club. We also continue to act as one of the main sponsors of the cricket club and work closely with Tom Webb on this.

Northampton School for Boys played a big part in mine and my brother’s life as we grew up. It is a fantastic school and they continue to push the boundaries with their sporting and academic achievements. We have been Headline Sponsor of the School 1st XV rugby team for as long as I was at school (which thinking about it, is far longer than I care to admit)!

Outside of sport sponsorship, there are some amazing charities across Northamptonshire and two that we are proud to support are Cynthia Spencer Hospice and The McCarthy-Dixon Foundation. Being a local Northampton lad, I say with confidence that you will struggle to find somebody in the town who has not heard of, or directly or indirectly, had support by the Hospice and the amazing work that they deliver. This year, we have been involved with their corporate golf day and, more recently, myself, Mason and Lauren went in to their charity centre and helped pack bags, sort clothes and clear hanging rails!

The McCarthy-Dixon Foundation is a new (ish) charity set up by a wonderful lady and family-friend, called Teresa. Their support throughout lockdown quite literally saved lives by delivering hampers of food to those in need who could not afford or were not physically able to leave their house. A few members of #TeamQube helped on ‘delivery duty’ and more recently (this year and last year) we have donated to their Christmas Campaign which again, delivers vital food suppliers to those who need it across Northamptonshire. In the last week or so, Teresa heard from Buckingham Palace that the charity would be among those receiving the Kings Award for Voluntary service, which is a massive credit to the work that she and all the volunteers continue to do.

Since the company has moved to Teeton, Northamptonshire, we have done all we can to engage with the local community in a variety of different ways. These are small gestures but we hope to go a long way to cement a really nice relationship with the local residents. The company has offered wood and pallets to those who need, including the Hollowell bonfire! We have also donated to support the Christmas Hamper campaign across Spratton and Hollowell. We truly are thankful to the residents who continue to support us and stop by and say hello whilst walking their dogs! It does not go unnoticed. 

Finally, we work closely with our friends Ben and Frazer at All Things Business to support the Northamptonshire Education Awards. As Ben would say, Business needs Education and Education needs business and we have been proud sponsors of ‘Overall School of the Year’ award for the 7 or 8 years!

Within construction and across the town I think that The Qube are known for their sponsorship and community/charity work and that it something that I am really proud of. Moving forward, as we look to grow the business, I hope this will continue to grow and who knows where we will be in 5 years! Hopefully looking back and writing something similar to this with fond memories!

Over and Out!

Jordan Spittle