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Uxbridge, London


A stand-alone modular structure


83 m2

Project Length

8 weeks

The Brief

With the school wanting to find a solution to integrate the different age groups and increase their nursery provision, there was a need to provide a new stand-alone structure consisting of a main classroom, storage space and toilet facilities at The Glebe Primary School.

The Solution

The Qube were approached by Everything FM (our framework partner) to undertake a site visit to meet with the Headteacher with the aim of putting together a proposal for the schools’ new stand-alone modular classroom. During the site visit The Qube assessed the school’s current layout and proposed the location of the build to be close to the existing nursery and close to the school boundary line. Furthermore, the Qube designed a building which ticked all the criteria when it came to meeting the clients’ exact needs. There was a big focus on utilising the building as a standalone structure, whilst still keeping consistent with the existing school so it felt like a smooth transition for the children.

The Outcome

Mel Penney – Head Teacher

‘We had seen a few companies and the governors had also been involved in the initial stages but it was the personal touch, the family-business feel and with their extensive school building experience that made us work alongside The Qube.

Having people who knew what it was like and making it fit for purpose was key. From start to finish it was seamless and it was even better than I expected it to be, that really is down to everyone involved from The Qube. To have people who just know what they are doing and it’s their day-to-day bread and better AND you can trust them to get on with it – Brilliant.
It looked like nothing for a while, but it took shape very quickly.’