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The Benefits of a Tiny House Lifestyle

If there’s one word that can be associated with the tiny house lifestyle, it’s freedom. A switch from a traditional house to a tiny home can open a lot of doors to a lifestyle that many only dream of. Whether you’re just considering a tiny home or you’re ready to make the leap, here are some great benefits of the tiny house lifestyle to inspire you. 

It can travel with you 

In a study, the Workforce Institute found that 43% would travel more if they had the time. Often, this isn’t a possibility. However, when your home comforts can travel with you, travelling becomes infinitely more possible. All our Tiny homes at The Qube are built on a steel chassis with axles, wheels, braking system and tow hitch.

You’re able to live more simply 

Think about your home currently, and how much you own that you barely use. A tiny house allows you to live with less complication, to get rid of the extras and live with the things that make you happy. This can be a great way to start your move, and to begin life in a tiny house from a clean slate. 

Save money on building

Building your own house in the UK can be prohibitively expensive. With tiny homes, you have all the benefits of a purpose built home but at a minimised cost. With fewer materials needed and lower labour requirements, a tiny house can be a great solution for a first time home that comes with lower debt, or sometimes even no debt at all. 

Create a home that’s uniquely yours

When you work with The Qube, you’re in complete control of what your house looks like. We begin with standard sizes and layouts, but can work together with our clients to create a house that fits their needs completely. This can mean designing your perfect kitchen, making sure there’s storage exactly where you need it, or creating space for your hobbies that wouldn’t be purpose-built in a pre-made home. 

Improve your environmental impact 

For some, environmental reasons are a primary driver behind the switch to a tiny home. For others, it’s simply an added bonus. There are countless ways that living in a tiny home improves your impact on the environment, but to simply scratch the surface, a tiny house is a very low-impact building process that can be created with the infrastructure for an eco-friendly lifestyle. This includes solar panels, water collection systems and green insulation. 

Live more efficiently

Living in a tiny house has lower ongoing costs when compared to a traditional house. 

By nature of being small, as well as being built using high-quality materials designed to insulate the space well, keeping your tiny house heated and cosy at a fraction of the costs. 

Get in touch with nature 

The beauty of a tiny home is that you can call anywhere home. This isn’t just limited to travel. Even if you’re not interested in a nomadic lifestyle, you can choose from a range of beautiful locations to set up with nature on your doorstep. 

No matter where you are in your Tiny House journey, The Qube would love to hear from you. We help build great quality bespoke tiny homes to a range of sizes and requirements, working closely with our customers to ensure the final result is a perfect fit.