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Village Link in colour!

We’ve always wanted to help and support within our local community and since moving to Teeton we’ve made an extra effort to ensure we keep the surrounding villages up to date with our movements through the villages. 

We asked the local publication Village Link how we could support the community and looked at a few corporate sponsorships. 

It was a no brainer when Andrea suggested a full colour edition of the magazine to celebrate the King’s Coronation! 

Here’s what Andrea King said when we caught up with her recently on what the colour edition meant to the local community last month. 

Village Link is a community newsletter run by volunteers and distributed free of charge to over 900 households in the local area. Printing costs are our biggest expense and we can normally only afford to print the cover pages in colour, with everything else in black and white.

When the Qube approached us and offered to sponsor our King’s Coronation edition, we were delighted! It meant that we could print every page in colour and bring to life our readers’ photos of celebrations around the villages. The Qube sponsorship was much appreciated.”

Andrea King, Editor