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What is Our Design Consultation and Is It Right For You?

At The Qube Eco Tiny Homes, we love working closely with our clients. As a small, family run business, we understand the value of trust and collaboration because they are the qualities that have helped us run a successful business for decades. Our design consultation is a key part of the process of engaging with our clients and starting that collaboration in the best possible way.

In this blog post we outline what a design consultation looks like with The Qube Tiny Eco Homes, and help you to understand if a consultation is the right next step for you.

What is a design consultation?

As an overview, a design consultation with The Qube Eco Tiny Homes offers you these key elements:

  • An information gathering call to make sure a design consultation is right for you
  • Once this is confirmed, we schedule a one hour deep dive call
  • During this call we find out, line by line what your exact requirements are; right down to the finishes and colours of the countertops
  • A full bespoke quote based on your exact requirements
  • Professionally rendered mock-ups showing your eco tiny home to scale and in situ
  • Opportunities for you to provide feedback and amendments on our designs
Now let’s go through the process in more detail
The rest of the article will explain, using a real example of a recent client of ours, exactly what you can expect from a design consultation process with us. Let’s look at the first step.

The architectural drawings above indicate the high level of detail that we can offer through our design consultation experience.

How do I send an inquiry?

You can send your inquiry to us in several ways. Firstly, you can get your inquiry to us through the website using the enquiry bot that pops up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can use the contact us from, or you can send us a direct email.

What happens next?

A member of the team will get in touch with you to schedule a ten to fifteen minute call at a time that is convenient. We will use this call to understand more about what you are looking to achieve with your tiny house; for example will it be a primary residence, an office, a rental property etc. We will investigate the time scales that you would like to work to and discuss your budget.

The outcomes of this conversation will help us to determine what comes next.

Let’s look at an example

A client got in touch with us through the website explaining that they are looking to buy an eco tiny home to put on some land that they own. The client was interested in using their eco tiny homes as a holiday let.

We scheduled a call with them for the day after. During this call we learned that their budget was £65,000 and that they ideally wanted the eco tiny home to be in situ and ready to use within six months.

During this call, we offer the client the full design consultation which they agree would be a good idea. Next, the client pays the £350 + VAT and we then schedule a one-hour in-depth meeting to discuss the clients exact preferences and design requirements.

In the design consultation call, the client’s precise requirements and preferences were explored.

Our designer worked to understand exactly what the client was looking to achieve in terms of size, shape, ground floor layout, bedroom location and style, and mezzanine designs.

The exquisite detail achieved by our designers brings the concept to life. We even capture how the eco tiny home will look during different times of the day. Here we are enjoying sunset in the kitchen.

We got into granular detail about the material and surface finishes and colours of the roof, walls, food, and built in furniture.

Once our client was completely satisfied, our team of specialist designers, architects, and engineers got to work creating bespoke, in depth drawings and sketch ups of the clients eco tiny home.

After this work was completed, we shared some initial images of the renderings and architectural drawings we had created. This allowed the client to give us feedback and make any further amendments or changes.

At this stage, the client was very happy with the renders we had created but we scheduled another call to talk them through every component of the drawings and designs. Our qualified designer was present on the call to make sure the client understood every feature and that every detail could be explained.

An example exterior render of a recent client commission. We go to great lengths to include realistic details of where the eco tiny home will be situated, in this case, in some beautiful woodlands.

Importantly, at this stage we were able to give an exact quote for the work – down to the penny. We could also give a highly accurate timescale for the fabrication to be completed, because at this stage we had a granular understanding of every component to be included.

The cost for the design consultation was then taken away from the final cost of the eco tiny home because we love to create win-win situations for our clients.

We then delivered the clients eco tiny home to specification and on time.

Here’s what a client of ours had to say:

“We have enjoyed dealing with The Qube throughout our process so far. We initially did some research on various sites online including social media and found it quite difficult to zero in on what we wanted and what is actually possible to build.

Jordan and the design team’s consultative process allowed us to work through something bespoke to our needs. They sat down and spent the time with us to work out what would work best for us and our space, factoring in our timeframes and budget with ease.

We’re really looking forward to continuing with this and have full trust in the team.”

Jac Heale, Crombie Lockwood

Is a design consultation right for you?

Our design consultation is perfect for clients who are looking for a high quality experience from start to finish. It is a premium service offering for those people who want the very best.

If that sounds like you, we can’t wait to hear from you.